Brockman adjusts to life as a coach


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MURRAY, KY -- As a quarterback at Murray State, Casey Brockman put in countless hours studying game film. Now, as an assistant coach for the Racers he is putting in more time than he ever imagined.

"You're here for 12 hours a day," Brockman said. "As a player you're here from two to five."

But he has slowly adjusted to life wearing a headset.

"You're worried about calling the plays instead of implementing them on the field," Brockman said. "You are looking at different things when you are coaching."

As the Racers break in a new quarterback in Maikhail Miller, Brockman is the perfect person to help him learn the new system.

"He gives us his perspective on everything he has seen," Miller said. "I talk to him everyday that I can."

The biggest change has been making the transition from teammate to coach.

"You have to maintain a professional relationship," Brockman said. "I am a friend off of the field, but it is difficult to balance that."

And that balancing act has turned into respect for the coaches he now works for.

"You don't realize the toll it takes on them," Brockman said. "The season takes a toll on the players too, but they are here 12 hours a day, everyday of the week."

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