Canaan returns to Murray to speak at basketball camp


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MURRAY, KY -- After four years of being a counselor at Murray State's basketball camp, Isaiah Canaan was this years guest speaker on a day named after him.

"I woke up and people were tweeting me that it was Canaan day," Canaan said. "I just laid back in bed and thought, man I have my own day."

It's his first trip back to Murray since the NBA Draft, and at times Canaan wanted to be a little more involved with the campers.

"I miss not being at a station blowing my whistle, and interacting with them," Canaan said. "Now I just sit back and watch. I watch some of the things I did growing up over the last four years."

Canaan told each camper to trust themselves, and to trust what they have learned. And they have learned a lot from Canaan over the years.

"You need to work hard and never give up," 10 year old Claire Whitaker said. "If you want to do something, put your mind to it and you can do it."

"I play point guard myself," 12 year old Max Wawrin said. "You just use your moves in the game and don't be afraid not to."

And Canaan knows those kids will follow everything he does.

"They will continue to look up to me as long as I keep doing the right things," Canaan said. "I want to live by example and show them the things to do the right way."

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