Julio Freire introduced as new athletic director at UT Martin


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MARTIN, TN-- For just the twelfth time in school history, UT Martin introduced a new athletic director Monday afternoon. And although it was Julio Freire's first day on the job, he wasted no time getting right to work.

"One of the first things on my desk this morning was a memorandum from our new athletic director," said UT Martin Chancellor Tom Rakes at a press conference Monday afternoon. "He simply laid out what he planned to do for his first one-hundred days."

At his previous jobs, Freire was a master at securing fundraising dollars for athletic departments, and he plans on continuing that trend in Martin. He also plans on working with the community, and increasing attendance for all sports.

"We talk about the public and community members coming to the games, but we can't forget about our students," Freire said. "We have a student population of about 7,500, and nobody energizes a crowd like the student section. I can work for years and can't a 72 year old lady to stand up and cheer, a student can."

Just to show how committed he is to his job, Freire made fifty-two phone calls the night he was hired to his new coaches, and that passion has them excited about the future.

"It's just a great fit," said UT Martin softball coach Donley Canary. "The energy and the excitement that's been felt through our department the last few days, just has me kind of floating on cloud nine."

Freire says one of his first projects will be to focus on renovating Hardy Graham Stadium, and hopes for construction to be underway on the football facility in a year.