Murray State basketball players lend a helping hand


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Last year the Marshall County AmeriCorps held their first annual 'build a bed' drive, and this year they were at it again.

"We had fifty applications last year," said AmeriCorps member Brad Ehlers. "This year more people have found out there is more of a need."

Each bed built will go directly to a student enrolled in the marshall county school system in need of a place to sleep.  And this year they may receive a bed built by a murray state racer.

"Its always good to give back to the less fortunate," admitted freshman forward Tyler Rambo. "Growing up people have role models and these kids look up to us and its always good to put a smile on their face."

Six members of the Murray State basketball team were on hand to help build the twenty-eight beds that were given out this year.

"It was fun to help out people who are less fortunate, and build beds, and learn a new skill," said freshman guard Jeffery Moss. "People show us so much support its all we can give back to them."

"It's key for a small school in a community to give support, and be able to get out to the community," said Racers graduate assistant Bryan Sherrer. "This is a perfect time for them to do that."

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