After long wait, Murray State's Fields is ready to play


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MURRAY, KY-- One of the most difficult things a student athlete can do is transfer. Sure there's the paperwork, and making sure credit hours switch over, but having to sit out all of last season was the worst part for UAB transfer Dexter Fields.

"Not being able to travel with the guys, it was kind of tough because we were always together at practice and off the court," Fields admitted.

"I'm pretty sure it was tough you know, just from a basketball point of view, we want to play you know," said senior guard Stacy Wilson. " We don't want to sit out, so it was tough for him, but I'm pretty sure he's ready to play."

Fields was able to practice with the team last year, and says he used those as his games.  But one thing is for certain, transferring isn't for everyone.

"It'll either make you or break you," Fields said. "I mean, some people would get defeated, I took that year as motivation.  I didn't let it get me down, and I took that year to get better, and work on things that I really needed to work on.  I think that helped me out in the long run."

The junior guard says one of the biggest things he worked on in the offseason was taking pride in his defense.  And he expects to be one of the more vocal players on the floor this season.

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