Canaan partly has optometrist to thank for his three-point shot


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MURRAY, KY-- To those who have seen Isaiah Canaan play, it comes as no surpise that he recently became the school's all-time leader in three point shots.

But there is something that may surprise you, going into his freshmen year, Canaan wasn't exactly known for his outside stroke.
"When he first got up here, he really wasn't a shooter," admitted teammate Ed Daniel.  "He was mostly a driver, and he could pass the ball."
Canaan says he could shoot, but not very well from behind the arch, because of his eyesight.
"We were taking our physicals, and you had to take an eye exam, and I couldn't really see past the third line," said the preseason All-American. "I had to go get contacts, and my first week of wearing those, I thought I was in a new world. Everything was so much clearer, the goal, my surroundings, and started to figure I could shoot, so I stayed on it. Kept working on it."
 As you may imagine, Canaan has been monitoring his eyesight since his freshman year, and is at a perfect 20/20. And when he's not wearing his contacts, he's usually wearing his glasses.

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