From Katrina to the NBA: Canaan and his grandmother linked


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In Biloxi, Mississippi, it is safe to say Isaiah Canaan is a hometown hero.  But there is no place in Biloxi he is more revered than in his grandmother's house.
"I knew this day was coming for him because he's been playing since he was two days old," Bettye Ramsey said. "I'm going to enjoy it with him."
As well they should enjoy it, considering all these two have been through together -- including surviving Hurricane Katrina. They huddled in the top of the attic of their church waiting out the rising waters of the gulf. In the end, they got through it, and his grandmother says Isaiah came out of that situation as a better person.
"It gave him confidence and self-assurance there was a God looking over us, that kept us while we were going through all of that," Ramsey said. "It keeps him humble and it keeps him focused on what he has in front of him."
"The hurricane came and set me back a few steps," Canaan said. "To see me come from where I was is a blessing. Now that I'm in the situation I'm in -- I couldn't ask to go any other route."
When you walk into Bettye Ramsey's home, it's not hard to figure out who her grandson is -- between the Murray State shirt and the countless pictures and awards that hang all over the house. Depsite all the accolades, there is one thing about Isaiah that she is most proud.
"His love," Ramsey said. "He has a lot of love and gentleness about him.  And being at this moment thinking, 'wow grandma,' as he said last night -- 'I've seen this happen to other people. I didn't know how I would feel when it happened to me.'  Now that it's here, I'm at a loss for words."
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