Former NBA player speaks to Murray State student-athletes


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MURRAY, KY - It was as if they were listening to the final play being drawn up in a crucial game. But there was no game on Wednesday afternoon at the CFSB Center and no coach. Instead they were listening to Chris Herren a former NBA player who struggled with addiction for over 15 years.
"At 24 years old I rolled up my sleeve and he shot me up for the first time," Herren said.
Now a motivational speaker, Herren now devotes his time to sharing his story with athletes and others who attend his engagements.
"I sat through these talks and that's what ill explain to them," said Herren. "I thought they didn't pertain to me. What I did would never go any further."
It went further and nearly cost him his life in the process.

"Five hours after jail the first person I called was not mom and dad. I called the kid in the parking lot because the dope was so good it killed me," Herren said. "That's how sick this monster is
Not only was Herren suffering from his addiction but his family was as well.
"Your going to open the phone and call your wife and disappear," Herren said about a conversation he had with a doctor at a rehabilitation center. "After your going to promise not contact them and tell your three kids that daddy left the hospital and was killed in a car accident."
The message heard by the Racer athletes is one that they wont forget anytime soon.
"His story is very touching and I'm sure a lot of people don't want to deal with that," Murray State Guard Isaiah Canaan said. "Like he said one bad decision can change your life and everybody else could be a lot better."
"This is what he told our guys. You got to be a pro at being you," Racers Head Coach Steve Prohm said. "If you can be a professional you then you are honest with yourself everyday."
"I was walking around before I came out here and told myself that if I can effect at least one person in here then its worth it," Herren said.
Herren speaks around the country and hosts his own basketball camp called Hoop Dreams.
He has been clean and sober for over three years.
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