"Isaac" hits close to home for Murray State basketball family


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MURRAY, KY-- Hurricane Isaac has drawn the attention of seemingly everyone in the country. But it's hit especially close to home for Murray State senior Isaiah Canaan, and former basketball team manager Terrence Miles.

"When I first saw it, I was like, man this can't be happening," Miles explained.  "I was just praying, hoping it didn't intensify and get bigger, as the size of Katrina."

Both Canaan and Miles went through Hurricane Katrina seven years ago. Miles and his family moved to Murray after their home was destroyed in New Orleans.  Meanwhile, Canaan weathered the storm at his home in Biloxi, Mississippi, and both still have family down there.

"This is nothing new to them," Miles said. "Going through storms, power will be out for one, two days, sometimes weeks, but they're fine."

"My dad is actually on the beach," said Canaan. "He said the water is over the highway out there, but their casino sits up on a hill, so it's not going to get up to where he's at. As far as my family is doing, they're doing pretty good, and just waiting for it to get over."

While their thoughts and prayers are with their families down south, both Canaan and Miles say the support they've received here in Murray during the hurricane, has been tremendous.

"They've been great," Canaan admitted. "I appreciate everybody that's asked how my family is doing, or how my city was doing."

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