Chapstick has become part of Prohm's gameday ritual


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If you've ever been to a Murray State basketball game, you've probably seen Racer coach Steve Prohm reach into his pocket repeatedly to grab his trusty tube of chapstick.  It's gotten so much attention, someone has created a Twitter account for the chapstick -- @ProhmsChapStick.
When we asked his players about the chapstick, they're all pretty amused by it.
Isaiah Canaan: "I don't know what it is with him and his chap stick. I don't know if it's a good luck charm, but i've never seen it before."
Dexter Fields: "If you look over to the sideline, he's going to have his chapstick, and he's going to be using it."
Stacy Wilson: "I guess it's something he's got to have. I don't know why he's always messing with it. I guess it's a habit."
Steve Prohm: "Chapstick is just something, I don't know if I'm addicted to it or what, or if it's a nervous twitch, or what it is."
Canaan: "All we know is, he uses it entirely too much."
Brandon Garrett: "Must be something in it, he goes to it when he's stressing, when he's happy, when he's mad."
Canaan: "I mean, it's working so far, so why stop it now?"
Prohm jokingly said he hopes Chapstick catches wind of this for a possible endorsement deal.
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