Racers forward Mushatt says achilles injury is 'recovering nicely'


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MURRAY, KY-- It's now been three months since Murray State senior forward Latreze Mushatt ruptured his achilles tendon. Mushatt says he knew what was wrong as soon as it happened.

"I almost cried when I found out exactly what it was, when I went down, I knew what it was, but I wasn't a hundred percent sure I ruptured my achilles," Mushatt admitted.  "So when Eric Fredrick looked at it, and told me what it was, I tried my hardest not to cry."

The senior is going through treatment to build the strenghth of his achilles back up, but right now he can do no physical activity involving his lower body, besides using the elliptical machine.  Mushatt says he's on pace to come back sometime in January, but until then, he'll be his team's biggest cheerleader.

"I'm ready for it," he said. "I sat out two years ago and I was probably the biggest fan out there, and I was on the floor when timeouts came, out there jumping around and clapping, and things like that.  So I just want to see my team win, go out there and do their job, and I'll be their biggest fan."

Mushatt says he's just happy to finally be out of his walking boot, and hopes to get clearance from doctors to start jogging in the next few weeks.

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