Radke juggles job with his love of the Racers


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MURRAY, KY-- When you're at a Murray State game, there's no mistaking the voice of public address announcer Paul Radke. And after twenty-seven years, his style has become iconic.

"People have had me on as ringtones," admitted Radke. "I've had to go in the back alleys here, and record it on their ringtones for their kids and things like that. It's just a lot of fun."

Radke has been doing PA announcing since his junior year in college, so he's been able to see and do a lot. But if you ask him , one of his best accomplishments is the relationships he's forged while at Murray State.

"If I were to pull out my iPhone right now, I could probably pull up a dozen or so former players at this instituion, that I have on speed dial," Radke said.

"Really he knows more about the team than some of us players do," added senior forward Ed Daniel. "He talks to us a lot, shows us a lot of inspiration."

Radke says he wouldn't trade his job for anything in the world, but there is one difficult part. And that's hiding how much of a fan he actually is, while he's working.

"I have the analogy that I'm a lot like that little duck that swims calmly along the surface of the water, but his feet are going 90 million miles an hour underneah, that's me," Radke admitted. "My feet are tapping, occasionally when I don't have to say anything, there will be a few little words come out of me, but you have to hold those back."

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