Former Tilghman players have plenty of Mayfield memories


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It doesn't matter what decade you played for Paducah Tilghman, the Mayfield game was huge.  As an All-American in 1978, Richard Abraham remembers growing up around the rivalry.
"The same guys you played against in the 7th grade were the same you played against in high school," Abraham said.
For Kevin Paschall, a 1974 Tilghman graduate, the game means more to him because he grew up in Mayfield.
"I was fired up for practice Mayfield week -- and that was unusual for me," Paschall said.
Larry Nunn, a 1989 Tilghman graduate and current assistant coach, first learned about the game at an early age.
"From the time I knew anything about football, I knew about Tilghman and Mayfield," Nunn said.
Everyone still have memories of when they played the Cardinals.
"We won 53-0," Paschall said. "Late in the game we were running our two minute offense trying to score again and coach took us out."
"If you go up these hallways, there are guys who beat Mayfield," Abraham said. "Did you guys beat Mayfield? If you didn't win state then you ask if they beat Mayfield."
Abraham hopes when he asks that question to the current group of players, they'll be able to answer yes.

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