Mayfield's Guhy poised to lead Cardinals in 2013


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MAYFIELD, KY -- For the past six years a Guhy has been the quarterback at Mayfield. First it was Luke Guhy from 2007 to 2010, then two years ago his brother Jake took over.

"Luke was a great quarterback, and it was great to fill his shoes," Jake said. "But I want to be a different quarterback. I want to be Jake, not Luke."

Jake has now made a name for himself after his performance last season. In 14 games, Guhy threw 34 touchdowns and only one interception.

"I get asked all the time about how I plan to top those numbers," Jake said. "I don't think I am coming into the year thinking about that, I just want to win games."

"Interceptions and turnovers are going to happen," Mayfield head coach Joe Morris said. "You have to limit them to be good. He knows what is going on out there, and what defenses are doing. He is a student of the game."

Most coaches will tell you that good vision is a big part of a quarterbacks game, and it's one reason Guhy was so successful last season.

"You keep your eyes on the field, know what play is going on, go through your receivers, know coverages, and where to look to find the open guy," Jake said.

With his new found confidence on the field, Guhy is well on his way to leading Mayfield to another state title game. He also may be on his way to breaking some of his older brothers all-time passing records at the school.

"If some of those records come my way it will be nice," Guhy said. "But it's not what I'm going for."

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