Top 10 players of Gridiron Glory: #6 Jaylen Boyd


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To be a top level running back, there's no question you have to be fast, and Caldwell County's Jaylen Boyd is most certainly fast.

"When you see him play live, his speed is the real deal," said Ballard Memorial head football coach John Elliot.

"He's got a long stride," admitted Marshall County head coach Ron Barnard. "He covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time."

"As quick as he is, and as tough as he is, he gets all the yards that he wants," said Al Starnes, Crittenden County's head football coach.

With all of the speed Boyd possesses, the Tigers can line him up as a wide receiver and be just as dangerous.

"He's got the ability to outrun you to get open on pass routes," Barnard said. "If he gets into the open field, he's a tough kid to bring down."

"He catches the ball real well," Starnes said, shaking his head. "He's got great speed, but what I like about him is he'll lower is shoulder and run over you."

Many coaches say that Boyd has the ability to play college football on the Division I level. But he still has two years of high school left to improve, and that has several coaches wishing Boyd was on their team.

"Oh yeah," said Barnard with a smile. "We'll take him today. I'll get the truck up there and move him myself."

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