Top 10 players of Gridiron Glory: #3 Derik Overstreet


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PADUCAH, KY -- Paducah Tilghman's Derik Overstreet is the type of player that gives opposing head coaches nightmare's.

"He gave us problems last year in our game," Graves County head coach Lance Gregory said. "You have to know where he is at all the time."

"Defense is simple," said Mayfield head coach Joe Morris. "Tackle the guy with the ball, and there is no one better at that than Derik Overstreet."

With his size, speed, and athletic ability, Overstreet has been able to make plays in every game he plays.

"Last year when we played them, he had two back to back sacks in the fourth quarter," Trigg County head coach Coby Lewis said. "We were forced to punt and the game fell apart from there."

"He is all over the field at all times," Caldwell County head coach David Barnes said. "He plays with passion, and gets off the ball very well. He is hard to get a good block on and you have to account for him on every play."

That is something that every head coach prepares for when they play Tilghman.

"You have to find a way to double team him or run away from him," Lewis said. "But a guy with his skill set is still going to get involved in the play. If he misses, he will trail and make the play still."

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