Brothers travel 90 minutes each way to play football


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When you look up in the stands at a West Kentucky Warriors game, one of the first things you'll notice is the excitement level of parent Selah Crotser.  Which is funny because she and her husband Pete says neither of them are huge sports fans. They're just big fans of their kids.
"This is something that is important to our children, to our boys, and something they could be involved in, and have a part of," Pete Crotser said. "So we're dedicated to helping them do that."
That dedication is apparent in the distance they travel. The Crotsers are from Thompsonville, Illinois -- meaning they spend 3 hours round trip in the car to bring their boys to every practice and game.  

"i think it's crazy sometimes when I drive only 25-30 minutes to get here, and then I think they drive an hour and a half to come see us and to play with us," senior lineman Case Harris said. "You just want to tell them thank you every time, and I try to as much as I can."

They be the first to tell you the commute gets expensive. 

"No, it's not cheap," Pete Crotser said. "It's a commitment."

"We try to help in on the funds, mow lawns, provide our own funds, but a lot of the time it's mom and dad," Jonathan Crotser said. "It gets hard sometimes, but we hold in together, and mom and dad hold in too. They let us come because they know we're really excited about this."
The Crotsers say watching their kids doing what they love is worth the time, and gas money.

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