Caldwell County's success lies within their offensive line


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PRINCETON, KY-- When Caldwell County football coach David Barnes draws up a gameplan, he starts with five circles representing his offensive line. Although they don't get a lot of attention, they're one of the biggest reasons the tigers are 10-0.

"A good football team is based on the guys up front," Barnes admits. "They don't get much recognition, they don't get in the newspaper, they don't get a lot of stats. It's just a really good group of kids that we have, and they bought into being those types of players."

The Tigers front five is made up of seniors Kyler Kendall, Noah Kennaday, and Austin McGowan along with juniors Kaleb Dyer and Chas Scott. Their average weight is 260 pounds, and they all bench press about 300 pounds.

"We're much larger than most of the opponents we've faced this year, we're the largest team so far. We're probably one of the biggest in Caldwell County history," said McGowan.

Another reason these guys are so good is their chemistry. They have dinner as a group every Monday, and they even have nicknames for each other.

"We're just goofing around at Elijah's house, just coming up with crazy stuff to call each other," McGowan admitted, laughing.

All jokes aside, this group's main concern is winning games, whether their positions are glamorous or not.

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