Carson Beckett wins two championships at cycling nationals


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PADUCAH, KY -- At 16, Carson Beckett already has more than a decade of cycling experience, beginning at the age of four.

"I guess I liked it since it's where I am at now," Beckett said.

A Sophomore at Marshall County, Carson has focused his efforts on getting better each day.

"Before and after nationals, I was riding four to five times at week," Beckett said. "You take days off, but you just ride, ride, and ride."

It was at nationals where he won two championships in the Cross Country and Super D downhill races.

"I thought I would do well," Beckett said. "Just didn't know how well I would do."

Carson competed in the Super D downhill event for the first time ever at nationals. Compared to the times of the professional riders he would have placed third overall.

"When I got to the bottom they told me 7:44," Beckett said. "I was like, that is fast."

Winning 29 out of the 50 races he has competed in since 2008, Carson has earned a position on the USA Junior Cycling Team.

"A couple of years ago, I wouldn't have expected to be where I am," Beckett said. "I thought it was possible but couldn't envision it playing out how it did."

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