Garcia makes biggest kick in Graves County history


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PADUCAH, KY -- Peyton Puckett's five yard touchdown run tied the game with Warren Central on Friday night, but it was a seemingly easy extra point by Graves County kicker Hector Garcia that would make the difference.

"I have made them all my life as a kicker," Garcia said.

Garcia, a junior at Graves County, is currently the schools all-time leader in made extra points, with more than 100.

"It's just having the natural ability to kick the ball, and know what it is going to do once you hit it," he said.

And on Friday night, his teammates had all the confidence in the world in their kicker.

"He practices all the time," said Graves County runningback Cody Crider. "I don't think I have ever seen him miss an extra point during practice."

"He has ice in his veins," senior quarterback Peyton Puckett said. "He is clutch, and we all knew he would make the kick."

Hector's teammates, and even coaches, have always trusted in his abilities because of how much work he puts in. And because of that work, he rarely misses.

"I missed once," Garcia said. "I mean how do you miss just a 10 yard easy kick."

With that in mind, Garcia made the kick sending the Eagles into the third round of the playoffs for the first time in school history.

"I was standing on the bench and had my eyes closed the entire time," Puckett said. "Then I heard the crowd."

"All I was thinking was that we just set the standards higher than before," Garcia said. "It was just a great feeling.

A feeling that Garcia, and Graves County will never forget.

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