Getting three athletic programs to play as one


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PADUCAH, KY. -- Unlike most coaches at McCracken County, boys soccer coach Aaron Fenton came from the collegiate level. It was during his first meeting with his team that he made a big statement.

"It was short and sweet," Fenton said. "Lone Oak, Heath, and Reidland are done. So if we are going to succeed, you have to buy into one program."

Fenton played no favorites and put the best players on his team.

"When I was a college coach, my job was to recruit guys based on their skill levels," Fenton said. "It seems to have worked."

With the administration knowing that there could be a problem, they decided to hold a meeting last year to ask each student athlete how they could help during the transition.

"We started to get ideas from kids at Lone Oak, Reidland, and Heath way early on," McCracken County Principal Michael Ceglinski said. "Whether it was t-shirts, signs, or slogans it all seemed to work. Bringing them together has been a litmus test early on and it has really worked."

"Every school has its own pieces that can contribute to one team," Fenton said. "I think we will be good."

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