Glass settling in at McCracken County


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PADUCAH, KY-- Sporting his patented cut-off t-shirt, Kelly Glass begins his 34th season as a high school football coach. But for the first time ever, it won't be at Massac County.

"To go somewhere new, I have been anxious, I have been nervous," Glass admitted. "You kind of feel like you're starting over, you feel like you want to earn your keep."

Glass will be earning his keep as assistant head coach at McCracken County. Jordan Troutman, a running back who transferred from Massac last winter, welcomes his former coach with open arms.

"I'm used to him," Troutman said with a smile on his face. "Everybody else kind of has to get to know him a little bit, but I've already known him for a long time, really since I was in third grade."

The main duty for Glass this season, is to oversee every part of the team. But players say he brings much more to the table than that.

"He'll never talk down to you," said senior lineman Nathan King. "He just always supports you."

"He knows how to bring you up when you're down," added Troutman. "But he knows how to get into you too."

The biggest concern for Glass was simply not knowing if he could be an assistant after so many years as a head coach, but the transition has been smooth.

"That's allowed me really to try to just focus on football, focus on coaching a little bit more," said Glass. "That's good I think for you sometimes, to get out of your comfort zone a little bit, and start over."

Glass and the Mustangs kick off the season on August 24th at home, against Paducah Tilghman.

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