Gridiron Glory's Top Players: Eli Wilson


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This year we asked every high school football coach in the Local 6 viewing area to vote for the top players in 2012.  The only rule was the coaches couldn't vote for their own players.  The coaches voted Graves County's Eli Wilson the #6 player of Gridiron Glory.

Traditionally, offensive linemen don't get the recognition they deserve. Graves County's Eli Wilson is an exception.

"Eli is a great offensive lineman," Calloway County coach Brad Lawson said. "That's where he's going to play at the next level. He's definitely a Division I caliber football player on the offensive line."

"He's a big teddy bear off the field, but on it he just manhandles people," Marshall County coach Ron Barnard said.

"He's definitely one of the better football players in western Kentucky," Murray coach Steve Duncan added.

One of the reasons for that is his work ethic.

"He made the commitment to the weight room," Barnard said. "A lot of times you'll see a big kid and a lot of times they're soft.  Not Eli."

"I've watched him in the weight room -- he does a great job in the weight room," Lawson said.

Aside from that, coaches say his talent-level is off the charts.

"Eli has all the tools that you want in an offensive lineman," Graves County coach Lance Gregory said. "He's tall, he's quick.  He's got great feet and hips."

"It's a luxury to have him on third down and short situations," Barnard said. "Where are you going to run the ball?  Behind big Eli."

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