Gridiron Glory's Top Players: LaBront Scott


WPSD Sports

This year we asked every high school football coach in the Local 6 viewing area to vote for the top players in 2012.  The only rule was the coaches couldn't vote for their own players.  The coaches voted Murray defensive end LaBront Scott the #3 player of Gridiron Glory.  
Here's what several local coaches said about Scott:
Reidland's Shuan Thomas: "He's just massive. A big kid, quick, he's pretty much the whole package."
Calloway County's Brad Lawson: "LaBront is just a natural athlete. LaBront is a game changer. Last year when Mayfield played Paducah Tilghman, he basically won that game for Mayfield on the defensive side of the ball. Paducah just couldn't block him."
Graves County's Lance Gregory:  "A great physical specimen. He's, I don't know, 6'3" maybe? He has speed, strength."
Caldwell County's David Barnes: "As a defensive end coming off of the edge, he causes a lot of problems."
Murray's Steve Duncan: "We're tickled to death to have him. We love him. Hopefully, we can continue to help him grow. But he's already a division one player. We're going to use him in a lot of different ways."
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