Top 10 players of Gridiron Glory: #9 Trent Kendall


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MAYFIELD, KY -- Over the years, Mayfield has become known for their physical smash mouth style of play, and no one epitomizes that more than nose tackle Trent Kendall.

"We changed some of the stuff we did on defense last year because of Trent," Mayfield head coach Joe Morris said. "He is not going to take a 300 pound guy on because he's 5'9" 190 pounds, but he's quick."

"I think he is a game changer," Tilghman head coach Randy Wyatt said. "He's not big in stature but has a big heart and has a big motor."

"I remember that our first team guys, when he was a freshman, didn't like blocking him," Morris said. "He was on scout team and would go hard every single play."

That motor they were talking about is one of the many reasons why he causes a lot of problems for opposing head coaches.

"He creates a lot of problems for the offensive line," Wyatt said. "He is so quick and low to the ground."

"Later in the year teams were planning for him," Morris said. "We feel that he was part of the reason teams we played had trouble with snaps."

Because of that trouble, every coach would love to have him on their team.

"He has a big heart and plays hard every play," Wyatt said. "I'll take that everyday."

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