Top 10 players of Gridiron Glory: #7 Dylan Boone


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MURRAY, KY -- Dylan Boone has been making plays for the Murray Tigers since his Freshman year, and he still has more to prove.

"He was one of those players when I looked to see who was graduating, I was hoping he was hoping to see his name," Graves County head coach Lance Gregory said.

Boone has made a living on both sides of the ball. Last season, he was the Tigers starting quarterback and safety.

"Defensively, when we played them last year in the playoffs and regular season, he was making tackles all over the field," Caldwell County head coach David Barnes said.

"He was the guy for them against us last year that led them on a big drive," Gregory said. "Dylan is a great athlete no matter where you put him."

"He is a playmaker and a ballhawk," Tilghman head coach Randy Wyatt said. "He does a great job as far as filling in for the run. Being able to do that as a defensive back says a lot about you."

Boone is a player that most coaches dream about.

"He is one that we try to get on the field," Crittenden County head coach Al Starnes said. "It is the way we want our players to be like and it doesn't matter where you put him."

"You want to put the best athletes on the field, and they do a great job of that," Wyatt said.

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