New York's Reese returns to UT Martin


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Everyone knows who they are.

The New York Giants are considered by many one of the most successful and important franchises in the National Football League.

The man who controls the giants roster is a Skyhawk.

Former UTM football player Jerry Reese is New York's general manager. He played with the Skyhawks in the 1980's. Reese later became a coach on UTM's staff before beginning his NFL front office career.

Reese is in Martin today. He's the keynote speaker at UTM's commencement ceremony. He told us what UT Martin means to him.

"I really cut my teeth here at Tennessee-Martin as a grad assistant coach and an assistant head coach," Reese said. "I really thought my career path would be coaching but the good Lord had a little something different for me. I ended up being a scout and moving up in the ranks with the New York Giants. But I definitely cut my teeth here at UT Martin."

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