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What is a Re-Bath bathtub?

Re-Bath bathtubs are custom manufactured from a beautiful high gloss product called Durabath SSP. It is a solid surface polymer that wont chip, crack, peel, or dent and it's Manufactured to fit perfectly over your old steel or cast iron bathtub.
Who will do the installation and how long will it take?
Factory trained and certified dealers and installers can complete your project usually in less than 1 day.

How long will it last?

With proper care, Durabath SSP will keep its lustrous beauty indefinitely. Plus, Re-Bath offers a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

Does the wall surround need to be grouted?

Re-Bath's system eliminates the need for grouting as well as other tile maintenance problems.

Can I change my tub to a shower?

Re-Bath can replace your bathtub with a walk in shower in as little as just one day with a Durabath SSP shower base designed specifically to fit in the same space your existing bathtub now occupies. Your old bathtub is removed, a new shower base with built in seat is installed and the drain is connected. The wall area is then repaired and a new Durabath SSP wall surround is installed from the base to the ceiling. A new faucet, shower door, soap dish and safety bar complete the installation. The work area is totally cleaned and all of the rubbish removed. The new shower is ready for use immediately.
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