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I am Local 6


It is who we are. It is the focus of what we do.
It is our commitment to you as your breaking news and weather authority.

Local 6 is passionate about sharing your story and how the news of the day will impact your family. It is because of this that each of us at WPSD is proud to say "I Am Local 6."

This page is designed for YOU. See why our anchors are proud to be serving you and share why you are a part of the Local 6 community.

Please download the "I Am Local 6" sign here, print on a regular 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and submit a picture of you, your family or friends holding the sign. Then, tell us why you are proud to say "I Am Local 6." Then submit your photos to us here. You may see your picture featured here on our website or in a newscast! Thank you for being a part of the Local 6 community.

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