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A boarded up window causes concern in a local community


A boarded up building is causing concern in the Lowertown district of Paducah.  The Roth Funeral Chapel closed it's doors two months ago.  Since then, management said there have been several break-ins causing minor damage to the historic funeral home.

People in the community said the building is now an eye sore, but management said they are just trying to preserve history.

The Roth Funeral Chapel is Kentucky's first funeral home dating back to the 1900's.  Managing director Hutch Hutcheson said his main concern was shattered when the Roth Funeral Chapel was broken into three times in the past seven weeks.

"We noticed that a pane of glass had been broken on the windows and someone had entered the building and we've had three incidents since then of entrance into the building," said Hutcheson.

As a result, management boarded up the lower level of the funeral home to protect the building from illegal entry.

Paducah City commissioner Allan Rhodes said there are rules for the Lowertown district and boarding up the windows is against the historic regulations. He said everyone needs to play by the rules.

"Of course I don't like it. It makes the building look bad, the neighborhood look bad, it bothers me when someone does something and there's a process and they say I didn't know, well how about ask," said Rhodes.

Rhodes said the historic home is now an eye sore.

"We have a great downtown, it wins several awards, why would anyone want to degrade the downtown. Fix your windows, if you need to put in a burglar alarm or whatever.

Rhodes said it is important to preserve the past to protect the Lowertown district.

The Roth Funeral Chapel is for sale.  Hutcheson said in an ideal situation, the building would be bought and turned into a museum or cultural center.  The HARC, or Historic and Architectural Review Commission, will meet Monday, May 12th at 5:30 p.m. In the commission chambers to discuss the building.

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