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Malaysia, Flight 370 relatives talk financial help; sub continues search for missing plane

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PERTH, Australia (AP) - Relatives of those missing on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 are expressing dissatisfaction after a meeting with a Malaysian official today.
A deputy foreign affairs minister discussed ways of providing passengers' relatives financial assistance, but relatives say authorities should not try to settle the case until "at least a tiny bit of concrete evidence" that the plane crashed is found. After the meeting, they complained that the official provided no meaningful report on the progress of the investigation and "not a single one" of their questions was answered.
The Malaysian official says his government recognizes it's "an excruciating time for the families."
An unmanned submarine continues to search the Indian Ocean for signs of the plane. After nearly a week of sweeping the bottom of the ocean with sonar, the U.S. Navy's Bluefin 21 has covered about half of its focused search area, a 6-mile radius around the location of an underwater signal that was believed to have come from the aircraft's black boxes. The sub has yet to uncover any clues.
The search for floating debris on the surface also continues. That area is more than 18,000 square miles.
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