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BBQ teams meet, organize council of their own

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Barbecue teams meet to discuss their role in the festival Barbecue teams meet to discuss their role in the festival
PADUCAH, Ky - A meeting organized by barbecue teams, for the barbecue teams. That's why around 50 people showed up in the Paducah Farmer's Market parking lot Monday night.

Before it began, Bear on the Air for willie 102.1 , stepped forward as the temporary spokesperson and meeting moderator. He told Local 6 the meeting was not called because barbecuers feel like the board of directors is doing anything wrong.

"This isn't a he-said, she-said meeting," he said. "This is barbecuers saying 'everything's good, we're moving ahead with our charities, and getting everything done and working hand-in-hand. This thing can't be stopped, it's such a monster.  It just grows and grows and grows."

The majority voted to form a council made up of barbecuers, food vendors, and non-food vendors. From that council one person would get voted to sit on the Barbecue Board of Directors. Bear told those at the meeting he had talked to Susie Coiner, festival founder, who said the board would be happy to have a representative for the vendors.

Coiner confirmed that with Local 6 and added that there are "growing pains when a festival continues to expand" and the representative is just one of those growing pains, and one they will "work through".

Bear added that even though the barbecuers got together after the city mandated a 20% minimal for vendors to donate to their charities, the meeting wasn't about that. In fact, the mandate seemed to offend most of the vendors because they donate much more, if not all, of their profits to their charities.

Before media was asked to step away, vendors voiced concern that maybe one representative isn't enough, but Bear said that would be something the council could discuss.

The hope is to have the council formed before the Board of Directors meets in May.
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