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Living large in tiny houses

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OZARK, IL - Evan Coulson and Gabrielle Hodges their custom built home has everything they dreamed of, a library, stainless steel appliances, and a guest bedroom. All of this fits inside their 120 square foot house. It also has a loft sleeping area, built-in storage and a closet-size bathroom. 

Sarah Susanka is credited with starting the Tiny House movement when she published the book "The Not So Big House". Building tiny houses caught on in a very big way with all different styles and sizes, though all under 400 square feet, popping up all across the country. 
What started out as an experiment for Evan and Gabrielle, has become their lifestyle. Now they, along with their two cats, are living large in a small space. 

"It doesn't feel crazy anyone. This is our home." smiles Gabrielle. "It was a chance in my mind to just get rid of everything, not everything but let go of all those things that aren't really necessities and just live with the basics." 
The house is built on a 20 foot trail. It's currently parked behind the house of Gabrielle's parents. Tiny homes like theirs, built on wheels, are considered recreational vehicles and building and zoning laws won't allow them to be permanently located inside the city limits.   
"It's a big frustration," says Ailin Skipper, who started building a 250 sq ft home last year.
"No matter what we did, I started building it and one day I had a red tag from the code inspectors. They told me to stop construction because I didn't know the appropriate channels to go through, it's my first time I've done this. I started talking to them and they were pretty helpful but rules are rules," says Phillip Skipper, Ailin's husband.
Their plan was to live in Paducah's Lowertown but they ran into trouble. Their house is too small for the 800 sq ft requirement to live in Lowertown. 
"We're going to be happy wherever we are. This is a project that the two of us built together and nobody can take away that from us so that's the best thing about the entire project," smiles Ailin Skipper.
Ailin and Phillip Skipper will settle on half an acre at Kentucky Lake when their house is complete next year.

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