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Mayors from the Pennyrile region get active

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LYON COUNTY, Ky—Kentucky is now the ninth most obese state in the nation.  According to an article by Healthy Americans, Kentucky's adult obesity rate has risen to more than 30 percent.
That is why a group of mayors from the Pennyrile region are teaming up and standing by the motto, "Get Out and Go."

Princeton Mayor Gale Cherry said this fall weather is perfect to take a 6 mile hike at Land Between the Lakes and spread the word of getting fit.

"The mayors of the Pennyrile are partnering with the health department of Pennyrile to do a program that will help people get up and go and we are taking different adventures," said Cherry.

Dawson Springs Mayor Jenny Sewell said staying active is the best way to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

"Kentucky is documented to have 30% of our citizenry is considered obese...It's time people get out of doors and enjoy the out of doors exercise and try to eat healthy," said Sewell.

Eddyville Mayor Nancy Slaton joined in too.  Slaton said this outdoor adventure has an underlying meaning for her.

"I feel better about myself, I think that's what it is all about. Be outside in the nature, grab hold of what's important in life," said Slaton.

Marion Mayor Mickey Alexander is spending his weekend not in city hall, but outdoors taking in the fall view.

"I believe this is the most beautiful place in the world, right here in Western Kentucky. I believe a lot of people are missing out on not getting out and enjoying it," said Alexander.

Taking different adventures to motivate people and encourage them to be a better, healthier person.

"At our age if we can get up and do this just about anybody can," said Alexander.

Other mayors including the Madisonville and Hopkinsville mayor have also participated in the "Get Out and Go" adventures. Cherry hopes local Purchase region mayors will join for more adventures in March, to support getting active.

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