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Body found in well, sheriff feels department 'dropped the ball'

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UPDATE (1/31/14): The Johnson County Coroner has released the preliminary autopsy results for Jim Test.

Coroner David Rockwell said that his death is being classified as accidental. The cause of death is currently believed to be drowning, but Rockwell said they are still waiting on the toxicology report and tissue samples before making it official.


VIENNA, IL - A Vienna, Illinois man was found dead in a well in his backyard on Thursday afternoon.

79 year-old Jim Test was found in a well at his home on 650 Old 146 Loop. Test belonged to a safety check program started by the Johnson County Sheriff's Department that the elderly used to call and check in with deputies.

The last call the sheriff's department received from Test was on Friday, January 24th. Deputies went to his home on Saturday and Sunday to check on him. They reported that the lights and television in the home were turned on, but no one answered the door.

Johnson County Sheriff Elry Faulkner learned on Thursday that Test had not picked up his mail all week. Deputies went back out to his home and found his body in the well around 1:20 in the afternoon.

The coroner is performing an autopsy tomorrow to try and determine the time and cause of death. Faulkner says he believes the death was accidental, and it wasn't unlike Test to forget to call in from time to time.

Sheriff Faulkner told us he believes the program is good, and has saved lives in the past. However, he said he feels personally that the department dropped the ball this time.

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