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Faster Mediacom internet speeds

BENTON, Ky - Mediacom internet users can expect to download at faster speeds, without paying anything extra this summer.

Mediacom Communications announced today that those with home internet service will have faster internet speeds come the beginning of June.

This is the eighth time in the past decade that Mediacom has increased their internet speeds.
  • 'Prime Plus' will offer speeds of up to 50 Mbps downstream (formerly 30 Mbps), and up to 5 Mbps upstream (formerly 2 Mbps).
  • 'Ultra' service will see its speed double, offering up to 100 Mbps downstream (formerly 50 Mbps) and up to 10 Mbps upstream (formerly 5 Mbps).
  • 'Ultra Plus' service will offer speeds of up to 150 Mbps downstream (formerly 105 Mbps) and up to 20 Mbps upstream (formerly 10 Mbps). 'Ultra Plus' users should expect their internet speeds to increase throughout the summer.

These boosts are a result of the latest round of improvements.

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