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Heavy rains problematic for Illinois farmers

Last week our region's farmers saw great planting weather, but shortly after severe thunderstorms swept the area and it was proof that rain is not always a good thing to a farmer.
Now some farmers are worried that their corn crop could be useless.
Last week, Nathan Johannig jumped on a chance to lay some seedlings in perfect conditions.
"A lot of growers got out in the field to plant while they had the opportunity," said Johanning. 
He knew a little rain was on the way, but Marc Lamczyk with the agriculture department at the University of Illinois says no one realized just how much rain Mother Nature planned to drop.  

"Some areas had 5,6,7 inches...that's too much," said Lamczyk. 
Too much rain could mean a total washout, a delay in the germination process or "ponding".  
Lamczyk says the jury is still out on whether this crop will be a total waste.  
"Under ideal conditions that plant should be coming from the ground but you just barely see it's barely sprouted," said Johanning. 
Johanning says there is no greater feeling than the one that comes with reaping a bountiful harvest.   
"Just knowing that you have a hand in a larger system to help feed the world," said Johanning. 
He just hopes Mother Nature is on his side this year.  
It is too soon to tell whether or not this potentially wasted crop will affect our corn or meat prices in the grocery store.
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