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Storm cleanup continues, NWS investigates tornado formation

OBION COUNTY, TN - Theresa Spillman, was putting a pizza in the oven Monday evening when she noticed the sky outside her Union City, Tennessee home had gone dark.

"It just came up so sudden," she said. She grabbed her dogs and shouted to her husband to head to the bathroom. "Then I seen the buildings out in our back yard,I mean it just blowed over and I mean it was very devastating and scary."

She said it was over as soon as it began and she started to realize how lucky she was to have a tornado pass through her backyard, and not through her house. Many of her neighbors were not so lucky.

"I've never experienced anything like this, this is my first time in my life," she said.

Pat Spoden, Science and Operations Officer for the National Weather Service Paducah said Monday's storms are a perfect example of why storm spotters are so important. They can see things they may not show up on the radar.

"Initial reports are there really wasn't much there.," he said. That plus the speed made it hard to give out much warning. "It moved very fast. We're probably thinking on the ground three to four minutes total."

Spoden said they'll collect all the information they can about the two tornadoes that hit the Local 6 viewing area Monday and not only share it with FEMA to include in the other tornado outbreaks in the South, but also for local review.

"We'll take it back research it, see if there's a way to do things better next time.," he said.

Although if you ask the people in Woodland Mills and Union City, Tennessee, they'll tell you they hope there isn't a next time.

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