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Woman stabs man in the stomach

GRAVES Co, Ky - When a man asked an arguing couple to leave his home, the woman retaliated by stabbing him in the stomach.

Monique Holmes, 31 and her boyfriend, Shawn Hinrichs came to John Wallace's home early Wednesday morning around 1:40 am.

Wallace asked them to leave, and Holmes pulled a knife on him, stabbing him in the stomach area.

Mr. Wallace was able to leave out the front door and call 911. Mrs. Holmes and Mr. Hinrichs left the car they drove in and ran away on foot.

Police were searching the area for the two when a neighbor called saying the pair drove away in a white SUV.

Authorities were able to pull over the two and the SUV. They were also able to find the knife that Mrs. Holmes threw from the car, located a few feet from the car.

Holmes was arrested and charged with Assault 2nd degree, Tampering with physical evidence, Alcohol intoxication in a public place, Failure to notify address change to the Department of Transportation, Fleeing or evading police in a motor vehicle.

Mr. Hinrichs was arrested for DUI. Both were lodged in the Graves County Jail.
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