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Mid-Continent holds last chapel

GRAVES COUNTY, Ky. - Mid-Continent University held its last Chapel for the graduating seniors Wednesday, providing an opportunity for the top students to be recognized before the end of the semester and before the university stops offering courses.

"I want to take this moment to thank those of you who are in attendance," said Dr. Debra Hudson.

She addressed the graduating students for the last time.  "It's been a rocky ride in the last few months and we thank you for sticking with it," she said.

The twice-a-week, long standing tradition ends Wednesday as the university phases out classes and prepares for finals week.  It's also an important time for seniors.  This was honors Chapel - a time to recognize top students, like Bill Schroeder.

"Chapel has been a big influence.  I've met a lot of people," he said.

He's a fifth-year senior earning an outstanding scholarship award.  He said the journey to get here almost didn't happen.

"Me and my mom were talking this morning. My first day of school I came home, I said 'I'm going to quit.'  I said 'I didn't want to be at school. It's hard.' I said 'I just want to come home and not do anything," Schroeder told Local 6.  

Even the parents are eager to reach graduation.

"Wonderful school.  Great to work with," said Lori Troutman.

Her 21 year-old son Will is now heading to seminary school.  

"Sending a kid off to a big world is a little different.  But the first time we came here I knew this was the place the Lord had sent him and where he was supposed to be," she said.  

"It's really been beneficial to me," Schroeder said.
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