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SIU President Poshard says goodbye

On Wednesday, the current president of Southern Illinois University Dr. Glenn Poshard, said goodbye to the campus.
Poshard plans on still being a part of the university that he has helped to create, but he is passing his title to Randy Dunn, the former Murray State University president.
Inside the Stone Center in assistant Paula Keith's office, it is a desk divided.
"I've got a stack here for President Dunn, a stack here for President Poshard," said Keith. 
She has been Dr. Glenn Poshard's assistant since his first day on the job in 2005. 
"Watching him walk out that door today, it's going to be hard," said Keith. 
Her roles have included keeping his calendar, taking his messages and lately, helping him clear out nearly nine years worth of memories from his big wooden desk.  
Now there are no more messages, empty book cases and no more calls. 
Poshard says it is bitter-sweet looking back on the challenges. 
"We have survived the worst financial crisis in this states history and kept our head above water financially," said Poshard. 
There are accomplishments to look back on, as well.  
Dr. Poshard said he is pleased with his work in diversifying the SIU campus and says he hopes that is a legacy that continues.
Keith says the legacy Poshard will leave with her is his ability to lead. 
"He walks the walk, you know? He does what he says" said Keith. 
In the Stone Center, the fondness is mutual.  
"I've had the best people in the world working for me and I'm going to miss them terribly" said Poshard.  
There will be more with the incoming president, Randy Dunn, on WPSD Local 6.
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