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Kentucky State Police teach students about Internet safety

GRAVES COUNTY, KY - Do you know what to do when a message pops up on your computer asking if you want to chat? Students at Lowes Elementary do.

On Wednesday all classes at the school in Graves County, Kentucky sat through a presentation about Internet safety and how to avoid being taken advantage of. At least 75% of students as young as first graders use the internet. And most, Elementary and high school students, have social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flicker and Vine.

Trooper Jay Thomas with Kentucky state police showed the students a kid friendly video that illustrated the way online relationships can become toxic.

"Anybody can be whoever they want to be on the Internet and unfortunately we have some bad people out in this world who try to lure kids for different reasons," says Thomas.

Many schools block social media sites from being used on campus but it won't stop predators from reaching the students when they're at home. Trooper Thomas encourages parents to have open conversations with their children about their Internet use.

"When the child is under age, the age of 18, and living under their parents roof, it's important for them to have access to their social media accounts. It's not a privacy issue when safety is a concern" says Thomas. "We're not telling people to not use the Internet, just be smart with doing so."

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