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'Cold Water Challenges' going viral locally

MASSAC COUNTY, IL - Videos of people jumping into cold water, being sprayed by cold water and taking cold water showers are spreading like wildfire on Facebook. They are part of the "Cold Water Challenge" and this viral phenomenon has hit our area.

A couple of weeks ago, teacher, SuVonne Sumner's church started the cold water challenge, where you get drenched in cold water all in the name of charity. It was one of those cool raining days, last week, but SuVonne took the challenge and let her 2nd graders toss cups of cold water her way.

"It was cold, It came right out of the water fountain and they were very good aims," says SuVonne. "But it was totally worth it, we'd do it again, kids would you do it again?" she asked the class. They quickly shouted 'Yes'!

She donated $20 to the Franklin-Jackson Relay For Life Team and then challenged 3 of her friends to do the same.

The videos are going viral. Facebook friends challenge each other like, SIU quarterbacks coach, Nick Hill jumping in this cold lake and challenging his buddies to do the same. Each one raising money for a cause close to their hearts.

The Metropolis Fire Department has agreed to spray the executive team to help bring awareness and funds to the charity of their choice by taking the cold water challenge. That will happen Friday May 2nd.

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