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Coach Cal comforts UK fan following tragedy

PADUCAH - One step inside Julie Clovis' office and there's no question, she loves UK. Her love for the wildcats started at a young age.

"My father always wanted to have a boy and so I always wanted to be that for him and that is one thing we shared together was Kentucky," says Julie. "We would go to games together, watch games together and since he moved to Hilton head, SC we would talk before games, at half time and after the games."

April 5th was no different. The Wildcats were up against the Badgers. At half time Wisconsin was leading by four then Aaron Harrison hit that three pointer and the Big Blue Nation went wild.    

"I called him at the end of that game and both of us were screaming and yelling and he said 'I can't breath I can't breath' and hung up and I just thought he was excited about the game but I got a call about 15-20 minutes later saying that he had passed away," says Julie.

Without any warning, her father, Bill Bowen, was gone. He died of a blood clot. Three weeks later on April 22nd she received a phone call from UK Coach John Calipari.

"Julie, this is John Calipari. I just read and saw a story about your father and I want to tell you how sorry I am and please make sure your mom knows I reached out and I'm going to send a note. So sorry that that happened and I'll keep you and the family tomorrow at mass, I'll say a prayer for your father," says Calipari.

"I hear that and it's just so bitter sweet. Because my father would have loved this moment. He would have loved Coach Cal reaching out to us like that so I love that he did this but I would have loved to of shared it with my father."

Now she has a special memory to share with her son, Jack, who will undoubtedly grow up a UK fan.

Coach Cal's Comforting Voicemail

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