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New Carlisle County elementary school to receive over $7 million

CARLISLE COUNTY, KY - The construction project for the new Carlisle County elementary school will receive over $7 million in additional state funds.

The new two-year state budget which takes effect July 1 allows the state School Facilities Construction Commission to provide up to $7.3 million in additional assistance.

The school will replace Carlisle County Elementary School, 'the most blighted school in the state' based on a 2011 report.

Superintendent Jay Simmons says that they have not hired an architect yet, and they have not estimated the total cost to replace the facility yet which is why he's warning everyone to be patient.

"We're a long way from breaking ground," he said. Once they have a better idea how much a new school would total, they can figure out how they are going to come up with the rest of the money.

"We want it to be a nice school, we want it to serve our students needs, our county's needs, but obviously we're not going to go overboard," he said.

Senator Bob Leeper said, "Sen. (Stan) Humphries and I applaud the significant effort of Rep. Rudy to make this project happen. It was the unified effort with local involvement that allowed the funding to stay in place after that initial effort occurred."

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