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Three years after levee breach at Birds Point, farmers still emotional

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, MO - Three years ago, Bill Feezor sat inside his home quietly, thinking about his 600 farming acres at the New Madrid Floodway.

"Gut wrenching. Pretty much low key.  Didn't have much to say," he said.

The sounds outside weren't quiet.  The next morning, flood waters, at times eight feet high, covered his corn and wheat crops.

"It's just like if I was going to lose my salary for a year.  How would you feel?" he said.

"The Corps of Engineers have come in and put relief wells in the city," said Cairo Mayor Tyrone Coleman.

Less than five miles away, Cairo was dry.  Coleman, who took office earlier that day, says the Army Corps of Engineers, did the right thing.

"We would not be standing here now.  Plain and simple as that," he said.

Since then, work has gone into rebuilding the levee.  It's cost the government $53 million.  While some say it wasn't the best solution, the Corps stands by the decision and would do it again.

"Whoever has that ultimate authority, knows that it is going to impact the lives and livelihood of people and it's just not something that is done easily," said Army Corps spokesman Jim Pogue.

While Feezor hopes to not see another flood again, he is thankful the Corps decided to rebuild the levee to its original height to keep the water out, for now. "I'd like to have the same protection as I had. And there was a lot of different talk about how to do it, where to do it and all , but I just wanted something," Feezor said.
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