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Free clinic gets big donation to keep their doors open

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY - A donated house promises to make a big difference for a lot of families in need of health care.

The Marshall County Free Clinic is receiving the house, which they plan to auction to the highest bidder, and the money from the sale will get sick people the care they need.

Mike Reid donated the home, located along Highway 641, for auction to Betsy McClain with the Marshall County Free Clinic.

"It seemed like a good thing to do," Reid said. "They're fresh, they're new, they're getting started and they need the help," he added.

Betsy couldn't agree more. The Free Clinic opened in February 2013, which was set up to help households with at least one member who has a job but makes $22,000 a year or less. Eligible households also can't qualify for Medicare Medicaid, or Veteran's Assistance. They see roughly 40 clients a month, though that list has dwindled with more people signing up for new plans under the Affordable Care Act.

"We don't know where this is all going. I hope it puts us out of business, but I really and truly believe there will always be people who fall between the cracks," McClain said.

For those people who might fall under the radar, the Free Clinic will remain open. However, it can't operate without donations. That is why Reid's generous donations means so much to so many people.

"There's always equipment to buy, oh I could give you a list that would like Disney Land in the flesh," McClain said. "Anything will help us. If it brings $15,000, that was $15,000 we did not have."

The house will officially be auctioned in December.
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