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Clean up continues after Monday's tornado

OBION COUNTY, TN - It has been one week since an EF 2 tornado ripped through a local community.  The tornado with 130 mile-an-hour winds damaged at least 16 buildings and sent one person to the hospital in Obion County, Tennessee.

Those affected by the storm said the clean up efforts have only begun.  Eddie Norton lives in the direct path the storm took.  The tornado just barely missed his log home, but will now cost him thousands of dollars of damage to his equipment and work shop.

"Metal on metal, it sounded like a car wreck or something. I went back there to the back corner where the work bench is at because I knew that would be the strongest place," said Norton.

"At least it's all still here, the shop and all it can be replaced. Even if we tear it down and build a new one, at least our roof is on our house," said Norton.

He said even though the damage is devastating, he is thankful for what was saved.

"Just lucky to be alive, for all of us," said Norton.

For now, cleanup will continue.  Norton said it will take months, if not a year to get his home and this community back to normal.

If you would like to volunteer, click here. If you'd like to see more photos of the damage the tornado left behind, check out our photo gallery.

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