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Local twins get their break on the big screen

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PRINCETON, KY - A set of local twin boys have discovered that teasing their mom is fun and being a twin is cool.  They have also discovered that 'they' were discovered.

Kale and Colin Turmero are 3-year-old twins. They are, Misty and Cesar's first children.

"It's all we know," says Misty."We don't know any different. It's been really fun to watch them interact and be together," adds Cesar. 

Misty is originally from Fredonia, KY. She met Cesar at undergrad. They started their family in Birmingham, AL and while eating a casual lunch at Miami Café there world changed. 

"We decided to try a new place that day. We had never been there and when we can out he was still inside, it was just the boys and I and these guys approached me and at the time I wasn't sure who they were or what and they started asking me questions about the boys," said Misty.

It turns out it was the director and a producer for the movie 'Mom's Night Out.'

"Come to find out they were looking for two year old twin boys that fit their description pretty much to a 't'," said Misty.

The boys spent ten days on set in Birmingham filming with A-list celebrities like Sean Astin, Patricia Heaton and Trace Adkins.

"The first day was a little rough they were shy, they would try to hide from the cameras," says Cesar. 

However, the boys quickly warmed up and received the Hollywood treatment that was complete with hair and makeup.

The Tumero's are not sure if they will pursue acting careers for the boys.  Though they said if the opportunity presents itself again they would be glad to check it out!
The movie comes out in the Local 6 region on Thursday night, May 8th.  To watch the movie trailer, click here.
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