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Indictments result in several Dresden arrests for fraud

DRESDEN, TN - A four month investigation led to several arrests and seizures of property in Dresden, Tennessee.

25 sealed indictments were handed out by the Weakley County Grand Jury on Monday. The charges ranged from crack cocaine possession to Medicaid and Tenncare fraud. Police also seized two electric scooters from some of the individuals arrested.

25 people were listed on the indictments, but authorities may have arrested more people in connection to those offenses. Most of the people arrested were accused on either buying or selling drugs through Medicaid or Tenncare, such as oxycotin and hydrocodone.

Dresden Police Chief Randall Walker says that fraud is a big problem in the city. Walker also said during a meeting with city committee members that one person in particular had sold their mobility scooter to a store owner who gave him an amount of oxycotin in exchange.

The Dresden City Police, Weakley County Sheriff's Department, and the Tennessee Inspector General's Office were all involved the operation and will continue on the investigations.

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